Youtube Video Download

Finally we have a working Youtube Video Downloader and Cutter Service.

Try example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ychdzz6UEA
This site was meant to be my little hobby site, but somehow it is getting way more popular than I ever imagined, thank you!

The subscription model is postponed as I received many emails to support Brave Browser and accept tips.
After trying the Brave Browser and as heavy Internet user I can totally recommend everyone to switch to Brave.
Its about 3x faster compared to chrome / safari and respects your privacy.

Support HeseTube and Download Brave

To keep Hesetube running and free to use, I would be super thankful if you could support us and give the Brave Browser a try.
HeseTube will earn about 5 USD if you use (minimally) the browser across 30 days

- Hese
*UPDATE* You can now cut and download audio from the videos